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Small group fitness classes will push you to new levels of achievement featuring core and functional strength training. Whether you are new to exercise or in search of a new challenge, you will find it at Revolve Fitness


My drive for fitness began in 2002 after watching the movie Enough. I was inspired by the growth and strength of a female character.
Throughout my entire career in the fashion industry, fitness was always a passion of mine. I’ve spent my life coaching, leading and inspiring individuals to achieve greater personal growth.
Fast forward to 2018. The backdrop changed from clothing to weights but the message remained the same: You got this! Little did I know that my passion would soon become an integral part of my life as a studio owner.
If you’re in my class, you can expect to be challenged to reach new fitness levels. On the bike, I’ll help you improve your core strength and balance. In the TRX straps, you’ll move your body in ways you never imagined. If you’re lifting with me, you’ll focus on compound movements utilizing a mix of functional training equipment. Nothing we do together will be easy. It will 100% be worth it.
“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”
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Kylie Childers

I’m the newest coach to join the Revolve team and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m a fitness enthusiast with a focus on strength training and nutrition.   My goal is to get you stronger and help you hit your peak performance.
If you’re in my class, expect guidance on proper form and to be pushed outside your comfort zone. Expect some dancing too!
When I’m not coaching classes, I’m usually working on my own gains.

“Everyday is a new opportunity to improve yourself! Take it and make the most of it”

Weight training

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Lindsay Emerson

I found my passion for fitness after having my son 6 years ago. Throughout my fitness journey, I’ve always appreciated the benefits of exercise because it’s helped me to help others achieve physical and mental well being.
I’m a busy mom like many of you. I realize time is valuable and I will maximize every minute of our time together in class. You’ll receive coaching, support, modifications and a TABATA. Get ready, we’re gonna WORK in those 60 minutes!
 If I’m not leading you through a class, I’m on the golf course with with my beautiful family.

“Do the extra! When you do the extra you never doubt yourself”

Weight lifting and indoor cycling
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Karla Antonio

I’m competitive. Let’s get that out of the way. From swimming, cycling to cross country, I’ve been incredibly active my entire life. I’ve turned my passion into a career by helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.
If you’re in my class, I will push you to achieve more. I will keep you motivated and challenged. Every class will be different and creative so that you stay engaged. Lastly, we’re going to have fun doing it!!
When I’m not coaching classes, I’m on the race course. I complete about 2-4 Duathlons and 5ks each month.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”

Gravel Biking

Chocolate Chip Cookies. Big ones. Fresh out of the oven.

Caitlin Clark

I’ve been helping people sweat for over a decade and I believe that fitness should be part of any balanced lifestyle.
I will help you reach your goals regardless of your age or athletic ability.
If you’re in my class, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. I mix it up so it’s always fresh, exciting and challenging.

If I’m not coaching a class or getting my sweat on, I’m probably on a plane or planning a trip. I’m all about collecting moments, not things. YOLO!

“It’s going to be a journey. It’s not a sprint to get in shape”

CrossFit and Cycling (duh!)

Oreos. Plural! Having one is just plain silly.

Jeff Garfield

I’ve been cycling in and outdoors since the early 90’s. I’ve been coaching Spinning/Indoor Cycling, bootcamp, cardio-kickboxing and strength training  since 2004 at fitness clubs and studios throughout South Florida.
When I’m not at the gym, I can usually be found in a classroom, when I’m affectionately referred to as “Mr. Garfield”, Broward County Elementary School Teacher.
My goal in every class is to make sweating fun through creativity. I’ll introduce you to new things and I’ll help you improve your potential. It won’t be easy but we’ll do it together. I might even throw a couple dad jokes along the way. Prepare yourself.

“Somewhere between a wish and a miracle is a plan”

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Chuckles Jelly Candy

Alex Perez

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